The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Has Added New Documents to the Treasury of National Remembrance

January 18, 2017

The State Archive of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine continues to systematically work to give the society an opportunity to read the unknown pages of the history of the national liberation movement in Ukraine. This time the SZRU’s experts studied the KGB’s secret documents on the activities of the Ukrainian political emigration in the interwar period (1920s-1930s). The unique documents were found, studied, declassified and converted into electronic form to be presented to the public.

The materials contain documentary evidence of activity of different Ukrainian state and political structures, military organizations that had worked outside the former Soviet Union, and reflect the complex events that took place among the Ukrainian political emigration and around it in the interwar period of 1920s-1930s. Operational documents of the USSR State Security Service – translations of personal correspondence of some political figures in the Ukrainian history, especially the leaders of the Ukrainian People’s Republic show their participation in the liberation movement of oppressed peoples, and contain some facts from their state and political activity.

To read the archival documents (5676 digitized pages), please, visit the Foreign Intelligence Service’s website, the “Declassified Archives”. The materials are certainly a valuable source of information for scientists and researchers, including due to the current social and political changes in Ukraine.

Press Office of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine