The SZRU Acting Chairman’s Greetings on the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation and the 72nd Anniversary of the Victory over Nazism in the Second World War

Dear colleagues and veterans!

These days, we honor all who died in World War II, bow our heads to their memory, remember those tragic events that cost the lives of millions of people.

We remember the Ukrainians’ priceless contribution to the victory over Nazism, their heroism in the Red Army, partisan units, intelligence residencies, Ukrainian Insurgent Army and other armies – participants of anti-Hitler coalition. However, we remember that that war was a real national tragedy for Ukraine. Every fifth resident was killed, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians became disabled, most cities, towns and villages were destroyed.

These days, we honor the living – those veterans who won the victory. The role of soldiers and officers who had borne the brunt of the war will always be a symbol of valor, heroism, resilience, courage and bravery.

Our sacred duty to the dead and greatest gratitude to our ancestors – to properly honor the victims of war, to overcome the shadows of the past, to prevent new tragedies, to build a strong, integrated, prosperous, European Ukraine.

Let this day awaken in the soul of each person love of the Motherland, patriotism, faithfulness, mutual assistance, sense of brotherhood, willingness to sacrifice oneself for the sake of peace and justice. Let the memory of the war, its heroic and tragic pages not divide but unite our society, promote reconciliation and understanding.

Today, Ukraine is experiencing a severe test. Again Ukrainians are dying defending their land from the enemy. We have to resist Russia’s aggression and defend our independence with arms.

Therefore, the best memory of those who in their time defended the world from Nazism, should be our active position in defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine from external aggression, in bringing peace and restoring normal life in our land. Let us be strong and united!

I wish all war veterans, employees of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, your families and friends good health for many years, peaceful sky, optimism and confidence in the future. Hopefulness, brightness and goodness to you!

Acting Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine I.Razinkov