The SZRU Acting Chairman’s Greetings on Ukraine’s Constitution Day

Dear Colleagues!

On behalf of the Board of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine and in my personal capacity, I sincerely congratulate you on Ukraine’s Constitution Day.

June 28, 1996, following the Act on the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine, the Constitution of Ukraine was adopted, became the foundation of the democratic development of our state and enshrined the basic rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens.

Today, this day fills us with thoughts about Ukraine’s difficult and long way to its statehood and independence, about the threats faced by our country and its citizens due to the Russian Federation’s aggressive actions, and we are particularly sensitive to such important things as respect to national symbols of the state, devotion to the Motherland, readiness to sacrifice oneself to preserve democratic values and territorial integrity of our state.

I am sure that the courage and professionalism of the staff of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, the desire of each of us to do good for our country, active life position will continue to be a guarantee of effective discharge of functions, reliable defence of the people of Ukraine, their rights and freedoms.

I heartily thank all those who through their selfless work guarantee protection of national interests and the constitutional order in the state and ensure Ukraine’s full integration into the European community, into the circle of successful countries of the world.

I wish all the employees and veterans of the Intelligence good health, prosperity and well-being, as well as new great professional achievements for the sake of peace and harmony in the society.


Acting Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine I. Razinkov