The SZRU Acting Chairman’s Greetings on the Occasion of Ukraine’s Independence Day

Dear Colleagues and Veterans of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine!

On behalf of the leadership of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine and in my personal capacity, I sincerely congratulate you on Ukraine’s Independence Day!

Today, in the twenty-sixth year of Ukraine’s independence, we again have to insist on our right to life in a free sovereign country, to defend in arms our land from the Russian Federation’s hybrid aggression. In this confrontation, an important role is assigned to the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine.

For more than three years of the hybrid war, the SZRU has proved its ability to professionally fulfill the tasks set by the country’s leadership, to take a balanced approach to decision making, to focus on priority issues, to resolve certain internal problems strategically and not to close the eyes to individual miscalculations.

We have a hard, tense and responsible work ahead, on the results of which depend our independence, peace and harmony on the Ukrainian land. We should constantly develop, flexibly and timely provide insight into all challenges, risks and threats in the sphere of national security, estimate them correctly, adequately react to them, forecast future developments, and propose ways to resolve urgent problems.

I believe that with each year coming, we will increase our potential, apply new non-standard approaches to collecting intelligence in the interest of our state.

On the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine, I wish all the staff of the SZRU and veterans of the Intelligence new professional successes and achievements in serving our Motherland, belief in a better future in our land, good health, happiness, well-being and all the best.

Glory to Ukraine!


Acting Chairman of the Service I. Razinkov