Ihor Razinkov: “There Are No Minor Units In the Intelligence”

August 23, 2017

The leadership, acting employees and veterans of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine held celebrations on the occasion of Ukraine’s Independence Day. Speaking to the staff of the Service, Acting Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Ihor Razinkov pointed out that in today’s difficult times the national Foreign Intelligence has proven its capability of managing the operational process, taking needed management decisions, focusing on priority issues.

”We should deliberately, systematically and consistently keep doing our job despite objective and subjective problems that are now in almost all departments, without waiting for any preferences, special decisions or additional instructions “, – said Ihor Razinkov.

The SZRU makes every effort to improve the quality of its work, to timely analyze all the challenges, risks and threats to Ukraine’s security, to assess them correctly, to forecast future developments and to provide the top military and political leadership with the ways to resolve pressing problems. Ihor Razinkov stressed that there are no less important directions of work in the Intelligence, all units of the SZRU operate on the sole plan, which allows to achieve the desired result. The economic effect from the SZRU’s activities alone is 14 times higher than last year’s budget for the maintainance of the country’s foreign intelligence agency.

The leadership of the state does value the role of intelligence officers in protecting Ukraine’s national interests. On the occasion of the 26th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine, 21 employees of the SZRU received state and government awards, more than 150 military and civilian employees were awarded department encouraging decorations for dedication in protecting national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, as well as great achievements in operational work. With the support of the country’s top officials, in 2016-2017 the logictics of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine has improved signifficantly, the issues of housing and social protection of military servicemen are being addressed prospectively, this year alone the salaries for all categories of the personnel of SZRU have been raised twice.

Acting Chairman of the SZRU Ihor Razinkov thanked employees of all structural units of the SZRU for their hard work to collect intelligence, including that which contributes to the anti-terrorist operations, for their analysis and synthesis of a large array of documents and materials that are daily processed in the Service and sent to the leadership of Ukraine and interacting structures.

The Press Office of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine