The Day of Defender of Ukraine Brought the Foreign Intelligence Staff Reinforcements

October 12, 2017

A solemn ceremony of the recruits’ taking an Oath of Faithfulness to the Ukrainian people took place on a big day for Ukraine: on the eve of the great and respected in the Christian world holiday of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin and the Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks, which has a symbolic meaning for the professional becoming of the new employees of the SZRU.

The swearing-in ceremony is the most exciting and memorable event in one’s life. The new intelligence officers are taking over a great responsibility before the Ukrainian people to protect its interests and the security of the state. This is especially important today, when for the fourth year Ukraine has been restraining a powerful aggressor – the Russian Federation. From now on, serving the Motherland becomes the young reinforcements’ main mission in life and the sense of their serving in the ranks of the Foreign Intelligence Service.

Congratulating the young intelligence officers on oath- taking, Yehor Bozhok, Chairman of the Service, pointed out that the high level of education, proactive attitude, energy and non-standard thinking of the employees are precisely those factors that will optimize the SZRU and bring it in line with the standards of the best intelligence services of our allies and partners from NATO.

Veterans of the Intelligence and other participants of the ceremony wished the new staff of the SZRU courage and selflessness in fulfilling professional tasks, confidence in the future and innovative approach to their work.

Press Office of the SZRU