The SZRU Chairman’s Greetings to the Staff of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine on the Occasion of the Day of Defender of Ukraine

Dear Officers, Employees and Veterans of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine!

On behalf of the Board of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine and in my personal capacity, I congratulate you on the Day of Defender of Ukraine – the day of celebration of the valor and gallantry of Ukrainian warriors.

Today, we are paying tribute to the defenders of our State, are glorifying the Blessed Virgin Mary, who protects under her cover the defenders of the Motherland, and are celebrating the Ukrainian Cossacks’ greatness of spirit and aspiration towards freedom.

At the same time, today, when Ukraine for almost 4 years has been fighting an enormous and powerful aggressor – the Russian Federation, this holiday reminds about our personal responsibility for the preservation of the territorial integrity and stability of our State and security of the Ukrainian people.

In this context, you, Intelligence Officers, are playing a special role. Timely finding out, neutralizing and counteracting any destructive actions, as well as creating an appropriate information and analytical atmosphere and climate for foreign economic and foreign political efforts to strengthen Ukraine’s positions in the world, is your day-to-day work, which is crucial.

I express my gratitude to the staff and veterans of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine for your conscientious service, high professionalism and devotion to duty. I wish you all new achievements, successful implementation of all life plans and ideas, faith in a better future of Ukraine, long-desired peace and harmony in our land.

Glory to Ukraine!

Chairman of the Service Ye. Bozhok