The SZRU Chairman’s Greetings on the Occasion of the 26th Anniversary of the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine

Dear Colleagues! Dear Our Veterans!

I wholeheartedly congratulate you on the 26th anniversary of the Ukrainian Foreign Intelligence.

We are all aware of the complexity of the tasks that we face today in the sphere of ensuring national security. Our generation was destined not only to develop national intelligence, but also in the situation of the direct Russian aggression to defend the state with its unique methods, both in the enemy’s rear and in the international political arena.

We have to meet the state leadership’s expectations by concrete results on a daily basis and make every effort to ensure that the Foreign Intelligence Service gets stronger as part of the national security system so that its role in strategic decision-making remains important.

At the same time, we understand that resolving important problems of building up the national intelligence at the state level, proper financing of the operational process, the needs of the foreign apparatus, the development of infrastructure, its material and operational and technical basis will largely depend on our concrete contribution to the common cause of protecting national interests of the country. I believe that we can cope with all the tasks.

I am sincerely grateful to our entire team-dedicated and patriotically-minded staff- who, despite all the hard challenges to our State and the Service, are aiming to achieve high results in their spheres of activity.

I wish all of us good health, further professional achievements, a long-awaited peaceful sky, well-being and family harmony.

Glory to Ukraine!

Chairman of the Service Yehor Bozhok