Yehor Bozhok: “The Veteran Organization Should Express and Defend the Interests of All Employees of the SZRU”


The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine hosted a general meeting of veterans of foreign intelligence, which decided to establish a Council of Veterans of the SZRU, approved its structure and held election of members of the Council. Instead, the “Foundation of Veterans and Officers of the SZRU” and the “Foundation for Supporting the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine”, which had been engaged in this work, became part of the new structure, which will be registered as a public organization in the near future in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

The meeting pointed out that the Council of Veterans, together with the leadership of the SZRU, would work on social protection, joint realization of civil rights and freedoms and mutual assistance of intelligence officers and veterans, charitable activities in the interests of veterans of foreign intelligence by improving their socioeconomic and material status, improvement of health care, preservation and use of the creative potential, best traditions, professional experience of the veterans and passing them to young officers of the Service, promoting the prestige of foreign intelligence.

The meeting was attended by Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Yehor Bozhok and the heads of the main structural departments of the SZRU. Speaking before the veterans, the Chairman of the SZRU fully supported their desire to unite into a capable, active and absolutely needed working structure that would unite veterans of foreign intelligence, help them in resolving many social and urgent problems, take an active part in patriotic education of youth. “If we forget our past, then we will not have present and there will be no future. I am all for moving forward together, with your help, based on your experience, knowledge, skills and guided by our energy, initiative and desire to live in the independent, prosperous and successful Ukraine”.
Also, the SZRU Chairman told the participants about the plans and concrete actions regarding the Concept of Optimization of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine and the long-term plan for reconstruction of the SZRU infrastructure.


Press Office of the SZRU