A New Book Has Been Published – “Ukrainian Intelligence. 100 Years of Struggle, Confrontations and Achievements”

January 24, for the first time the Day of the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine is celebrated at the state level. This day marks the 100th anniversary of the creation of the first unit of the national foreign intelligence in Ukraine. It was January 24, 1919, when the Department of Foreign Information (the list of staff members of which was also approved on that day) began to work as part of the Political Department of the Directory of the Ukrainian People’s Republic. The Department had to conduct intelligence work against active enemies of the Ukrainian People’s Republic (the staffs of the Red and Volunteer armies) and against countries – potential enemies and possible allies.

Within the framework of the celebration of this event, the book “Ukrainian Intelligence. 100 years of Struggle, Confrontations and Achievements” has been published. Its author is Oleksandr Skrypnyk – a journalist, writer, researcher of the history of special services.

The book, based on scientific, memoir and other sources, declassified documents from the archives of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine and the author’s own studies, depicts the history of intelligence activity in Ukraine from the time of the Ukrainian People’s Republic to the present.

The author pays special attention to the birth and formation of intelligence agencies during the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917–1921, activities of the national intelligence as part of the Ukrainian Military Organization, the State Center of the Ukrainian People’s Republic in exile, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. Several chapters are devoted to the tense confrontation between these units and Soviet security services, the peculiarities of the activities of foreign intelligence units as part of the KGB of the Ukrainian SSR.

The author also described the current period of formation and development of the Foreign Intelligence during the independence of Ukraine – from 1991 to 2019. The last pages of the book contain the story about the activities of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine against the background of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, its modernization and reform in accordance with NATO standards.

At the same time, in the preface, the author points out that “this is not a scientific monograph or an academic study. These are rather fragmentary documentary chronicles and sketches from the history of the Ukrainian Intelligence”. The genre of the popular science publication was chosen in order to popularize in the most interesting form the information about the Intelligence century-long history and its complex, difficult, special and unique path of struggle and confrontations.

The story is well illustrated with photographs, documents from the archives of special services, charts, numerous quotes of those who at different times worked for the Intelligence of Ukraine.

The full-colour edition was prepared in cooperation with the Publishing House “ADEF-Ukraine”.