The organization of the SZRU is similar to that of some leading intelligence services of European countries. According to the Law of Ukraine “On the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine” the current structure of the SZRU includes the Chairman’s Office, the Departments of human intelligence (HUMINT) and signal intelligence (SIGINT), Information and Analysis and Special Technical Departments, as well as Departments of Internal Security and Logistics, educational establishments. To perform the tasks set before the intelligence service, territorial units are established within the limits of the total quantity defined by the law.

During the formation and confirmation procedure of the SZRU concept of activity and its structure one has decided to reject the global approach to the organization of its work, to scatter the efforts on the wide spectrum of geographical and thematic issues, but to match the plans with the political objectives and economic potential of the country, its actual place in the system of international relations, and with the relevant need of the state top-officials bodies in the intelligence.