The Foreign Intelligence Foundation of Veterans and Officers is a non-governmental, voluntary, and charitable organization that unites persons, worked at foreign intelligence bodies of Ukraine. They are joined with regard of their common interests and focusing on social security matters, mutual assistance, civil rights and freedoms observance.

It was founded on September 14, 1999 under the auspice of Security Service of Ukraine General Intelligence Headquarters and on the initiative of foreign intelligence veterans. It was registered in Kyiv Municipal Department of Justice.


The Foundation has the following main tasks:

  • implementing charitable measures to the interests of foreign intelligence veterans by providing economic and social assistance, improving medical care service and giving recreational opportunities;
  • reserving and applying creative potential, best traditions, and professional experience of veterans to young foreign intelligence officers;
  • contributing to foreign intelligence prestige strengthening.

One can be a member of Foundation as a physical (individual membership) or juridical person (collective membership).

Foreign intelligence veterans and pensioners, worked at appropriate intelligence elements in Ukraine or Former Soviet Union Countries are active members of Foundation.

Other citizens, who acknowledge aims and tasks of Foundation and provide assistance in accomplishing its work as philanthropists, maecenas, and sponsors can be associated individual members of Foundation.

Juridical persons, who take an active part in charitable activities of Foundation and provide assistance in its work regardless of their property rights can be collective members of Foundation.

The Foundation has its branches in different regions of Ukraine.

The Foundation spread its activities due to voluntary payments, donations, pecuniary, various charitable aids, receipts from juridical or physical persons and other kinds of external support such as financial and organizational services, and technical assistance.