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Educational institution of SZR of Ukraine

The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine has its own staff training system. In particular, in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No 310-r of 23.05.2007, the Institute of the SZR of Ukraine was founded as a higher education institution, which, according to the state order, provides training, retraining and advanced training for SZRU staff.

The educational process at the Institute is organized in accordance with the requirements of the Laws of Ukraine “On Education” and “On Higher Education”, normative legal acts of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, instructions and orders of the Chairman of the SZR of Ukraine.

The main directions of the Institute’s educational activities are:


  • training of specialists for a “Master” and “Ph.D.” degrees in the specialty 256 National Security (in certain spheres of security and activities);
  • retraining and advanced training of the management and personnel of the HUMINT, technical intelligence, logistics departments.

To enter the Institute in order to get an appropriate educational degree can servicemen of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine who have expressed a desire to study in the specified specialty and corresponding specialization, meet the requirements of the Rules for admission for study at the SZRU Institute.

The leadership, the scientific and pedagogical staff of the Institute constantly adapt the training content to the modern requirements and needs of intelligence, introduce new progressive methods in the educational process, and invite the best specialists from different fields of knowledge and professionals to teach intelligence officers to practically use their knowledge and skills.

Requirements to candidates for study at the Institute of SZR of Ukraine:


  • to have a diploma of higher education (Bachelor’s, Master’s degree, educational qualification level of a specialist) with good and excellent marks;
  • to have a good command of, at least, one (preferably English) foreign language, the level of knowledge of which is tested by professionals during the entrance examinations;
  • to have a gift for languages, disposition toward the work with people, skills for work in analytical and information-communications technologies spheres;
  • to have an excellent command of the oral and written business Ukrainian language;
  • to be well informed about political events in the world and in Ukraine, to know the main problems of the modern world and to give them an argumentative assessment;
  • to have dedicated patriotic, moral and motivated mindset;
  • to have a good health condition and level of physical training, which are necessary for special training at the Institute of SZR of Ukraine under high physical, psychological, emotional stress;
  • to be ready to undergo training at the Institute of SZR of Ukraine under certain restrictions (movement, residence, visiting family, etc.);
  • to have communicative skills, sociable qualities, teamwork skills.