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All-Ukrainian Council of Veterans of the Foreign Intelligence

The public association “All-Ukrainian Council of Veterans of the Foreign Intelligence” (VRVZR) was registered on 7th June 2018 as a public charitable organization which unites people who had served in the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine on the basis of commonness of their interests for the purpose of social protection, joint realization of public rights and freedoms and mutual assistance, and acts in accordance with the approved charter.

The NGO “VRVZR” includes the “Foundation of Veterans and Officers of the SZRU” and the “Foundation for Supporting the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine”, which earlier worked with former foreign intelligence officers.

Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Yehor Bozhok supported the veteran movement at its new stage of development and in all possible ways helps the newly formed association of former officers to be a capable working structure that brings together foreign intelligence veterans, helps them resolve urgent issues and problems, and also involves them in patriotic education of youth.

The Main Tasks of the NGO “VRVZR”:

  • charitable activities in the interests of veterans and former employees of the Foreign Intelligence Service, in particular, assistance in resolving  issues of socio-economic and material conditions, improvement of medical care and health improvement;
  • maintaining and using the   creative potential, best traditions, professional experience of the veterans, sharing them with young officers of the Foreign Intelligence Service; assistance in strengthening the prestige of foreign intelligence;
  • work with pensioners and veterans who need special attention due to old age and health;
  • involving active members of the veteran movement in festive events on the occasion of national and professional holidays, commemorative dates;
  • organizing events to honour intelligence veterans, merited pensioners and widows of intelligence veterans at their place of residenceorganizing events to honour intelligence veterans, merited pensioners and widows of intelligence veterans at their place of residence;
  • counseling on urgent issues of pensioners and working veterans, widows of veterans of the Service, consideration of their requests for priority help, finding out their health condition and urgent needs, greeting veterans on national holidays and birthdays;
  • maintaining friendly relations with veteran organizations of security services in protecting social interests and needs of pensioners, veterans, and within the framework of the mentioned co-operation to arrange sports and other events;
  • participation in the organization of patriotic education of students of the patronized Lyceum-Boarding School No. 23 “The Cadet Corps”;
  • providing assistance to families in the organization of funerals of pensioners and veterans of the Service.

Contact telephone number of the Centre for the organization of work: (044) 481-62-55

The Leadership of the Public Association “All-Ukrainian Council of Veterans of the Foreign Intelligence”:

All-Ukrainian Council of Veterans of the Foreign Intelligence