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The SZRU Announces a New Exclusive Publication of Archival Documents on the Activity of Hetman Pavlo Skoropadskyi and the Hetman Movement in Emigration

The three-volume edition entitled “The Hetman Movement of the Last Century in Archival Documents of the Intelligence” has been prepared by the State Archive of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine. It includes 253 declassified and digitized archival documents dating from 1920–1930, which were stored in 57 volumes of 15 archival cases.

These are materials about Hetman Pavlo Skoropadskyi and his family, individual figures of the Hetmanate, the Hetman Liberation Fund, Hetmanites' activity in emigration in Europe, America and Canada, organizational structure, functions and main directions of the Hetman movement. Among the documents there are originals and copies of orders, regulations, resolutions of meetings and talks, letters, questionnaires, statements, explanatory notes, official publications of foreign countries and printed editions of Ukrainian emigration parties and groups, as well as images of seals, symbols, the Hetman movement leaders' authentic signatures, photos etc.

These documents were collected in their time by the Soviet security services in order to monitor the activity of the Hetman movement in emigration and of Hetman Pavlo Skoropadskyi himself, to discredit and terminate the functioning of Ukrainian emigrant organizations.

To implement the Law of Ukraine “On Access to the Archives of the Repressive Bodies of the Communist Totalitarian Regime of 1917–1991”, the SZRU State Archive systematically processes and publishes these and other materials.

The publication can be found in the section “Declassified Archives” of the SZRU website:




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