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Academy of the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine: Cooperation and Structural Reforms on the way to Euro-Atlantic Integration

The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine takes an active part in the formation and implementation of the Annual National Program (ANP) under the auspices of the NATO-Ukraine Commission and on the basis of this document takes, in particular, a set of measures to reform the specialized educational institution for training future Ukrainian intelligence officers up to the standards of special services of NATO member states.

In 2019, now the former SZRU Institute was reformed into the Academy of the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine, which prepares, retrains and upgrades the qualification of the staff of the SZR of Ukraine and other intelligence agencies of Ukraine.

In the process of training professionals in the security and defense sector of Ukraine, the Academy actively implements the experience of partner intelligence services and NATO member states. Based on the results of the experience gained by the teachers of the Academy at special courses and trainings, academic programs at the profile departments are updated on a regular basis.

In order to introduce scientifically sound principles of personnel management, improvement of personnel management in intelligence agencies of Ukraine, the Academy has expanded cooperation with other intelligence agencies of Ukraine in special professional training.

The Academy has also introduced a training course for senior officers of SZRU units and a training course “Personnel Management”, which significantly contributes to professional growth during service. Academic materials of such annual courses are based on the North Atlantic Alliance's experience in the field of personnel management.

Together with other intelligence agencies of Ukraine, the Academy of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine plans and directly participates in high-level international conferences, round tables, seminars and research within the framework of the NATO-Ukraine platform to study the experience of combating hybrid warfare against Ukraine. Thus, the Academy's staff became active participants in the training module “Creating National Resilience in a Hybrid War” as part of the annual modular training course on public policy in the sphere of Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine “100 Champions”, organized by NATO-Ukraine Professional Development Program together with the Government Office for Coordination of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.


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