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Active Productive Dialogue and Experience Exchange on International Security – a Pledge of World Order

February 14–16, 2020, Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Valerii Yevdokymov, with other leaders of intelligence services of the world, participated in the 56th Munich Security Conference.

This year, the Munich Conference brought together Heads of State and Government, political and military leaders from nearly 40 countries.

February 15, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi spoke at a separate session dedicated to Ukraine and held a series of meetings with leaders of foreign countries. In his speech, he pointed out: “Ukraine has always been making a significant contribution to international security. Both, when it was one of the founders of the UN, and when it gave up nuclear weapons. Instead, in the 21st century, it has lost some of its territory and continues to lose its citizens. I firmly believe that without ceasefire in the East of Ukraine and return of Crimea, we cannot repair a damaged regional security system in Europe. It's time to realize – we live in the world where there is no longer someone else's war and someone else's catastrophes”.

Within the framework of the program of the Conference, Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Valerii Yevdokymov took part in bilateral and multilateral meetings at the level of the world intelligence services, security and law enforcement officials. During these consultations, they discussed specific issues of cooperation between special services, coordination of strategic directions of interaction between Ukrainian and foreign intelligences, topical aspects of counteracting the existing threats to the security architecture of Europe.

Chairman of the SZRU Valerii Yevdokymov pointed out that the Foreign Intelligence Service will continue to be a key participant in strategic communication on sensitive international relations issues and will continue active dialogue with foreign partners on the whole range of national security issues. All this is needed to create an atmosphere of the world's confidence in Ukraine and consistent integration of our country into the European space.

Valerii Yevdokymov emphasized that the development of such partnership should be accompanied by enrichment with the experience of the best intelligences in the world. Ukrainian intelligence, like the Ukrainian state, must constantly evolve, improve, and change. And the aim should be to meet the standards of special services of NATO member states.

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