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Anatoliy Baronin, Outstanding Ukrainian Intelligence Officer, Has Died at the Age of 86

July 29, 2019, the Foreign Intelligence officer, Colonel (retired) Baronin Anatoliy Viktorovych's heart ceased to beat. He was 86.

Anatoliy Baronin was born into the workers' family on 31st August 1932 in Moscow. Having received higher education in economics, he was sent to work in Moldova, where, after two years, he was invited to the local state security committee and offered to work in counterintelligence. August 1959 was the beginning of his intense, full of risks and unexpected twists, intelligence biography.

Having graduated from the Intelligence School, Anatoliy Baronin was sent to Africa. He was travelling countries, studying cities, traditions, establishing contacts, helping African partners to implement various development and assistance programs, to create sports and educational infrastructure of young countries, and, of course, was fulfilling special tasks.

While working in Nigeria in the 1970s, Anatoliy Baronin managed, within extremely short timeframes, to fulfill the task set by the Centre: to obtain information about the new dangerous disease - Ebola fever. The test tubes with blood infected with this fever were urgently sent by the Aeroflot's special flight to the USSR. The German magazine “Stern” in the 1970s called him “an outstanding master of espionage”.

All in all, he had worked abroad three times as a resident of the Soviet foreign intelligence. The last five years of his service he was the First Deputy Chief of the Intelligence Directorate in Kyiv.

Baronin Anatoliy Viktorovych is truly a legendary personality of the Soviet and Ukrainian foreign intelligences. Half of his 50 years in intelligence, had been served in top posts in the First Directorate of the State Security of the Ukrainian SSR and in training young Ukrainian intelligence officers.

In 1991 he retired into the reserve. Since Ukraine began independent, he had been working for many years as a Professor at the Institute of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine training future Ukrainian intelligence officers.

For many years of diligent work and significant achievements in defending national interests of Ukraine, Baronin Anatoliy Viktorovych was awarded the Order of Danylo Halytskyi, the honorary title “The Honoured Worker of Education of Ukraine”, the highest departmental decoration of the SZRU - “The Honoured Officer of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine” and many other departmental awards.

An imperishable memory of the legendary intelligence officer, friendly and kind person will always remain in the hearts of his friends, colleagues and officers of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine.

The leadership and personnel of the SZRU express their condolences to the family and friends of the legendary intelligence officer. Anatoliy Viktorovych will forever remain in the history of the Ukrainian Intelligence and in the hearts of the officers of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine.


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