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Chairman of the SZRU Valeriy Yevdokymov Congratulated the Students and Pedagogical Staff of the Patronized “Cadet Corps” on the 60th Anniversary

February 7, 2020, Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service Valeriy Yevdokymov took part in the celebrations on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Lyceum-Boarding School No. 23 “The Cadet Corps” with enhanced military and physical training in Shevchenkivskyi district of Kyiv, which has been patronized by the SZRU for many years.

The first comprehensive educational institution in Ukraine with the status of a Cadet Corps, has a rich and glorious history. Patriotism, loyalty, mutual assistance, friendship, sincerity in relationships are the main life values ​​that have been the basis of the cadet education system in the distant past. Today, the Lyceum is proud that it is a modern educational institution in which classical education is combined with innovative approaches to educating young people of the new generation.

Congratulating the cadets and young ladies with the glorious jubilee, Valeriy Yevdokymov said:

“You are growing, learning and gaining strength together with the young independent Ukraine. Always remember where you come from, be proud of your teachers, your parents, your Motherland. Remember the glorious names of those who fought for Ukraine's  independence. It is you that Ukraine relies on, entrusts its tomorrow's prosperity and bequeath its future to. So, study hard, think continentally, seek your mission and never betray it, respect your teachers and be true patriots of Ukraine”.

The Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence thanked the Lyceum teachers for their dedicated work, optimism and inspiration, great love for children. “In your honorable work, you continue to focus on personality, human individuality, its interests and preferences, and training comprehensively educated young people – true patriots of Ukraine,” – said Valeriy Yevdokymov.

On behalf of the staff of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, the Chairman of the SZRU confirmed his continued support to the "Cadet Corps" Lyceum and assured of assisting in educating free, honest, open-minded and decent citizens of Ukraine.

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