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Intelligence Officers Forever Remain Intelligence Officers. Chairman of the SZRU Valeriy Yevdokymov took part in the solemn meeting of foreign intelligence veterans

On the occasion of the 101st anniversary of the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine, Valery Yevdokimov, the Head of the NWR of Ukraine, participated in the solemn meeting of intelligence veterans of different generations.

The event was attended by intelligence veterans who worked in different historical periods and were involved in the creation of the Ukrainian Foreign Intelligence in Independent Ukraine, and by the current chiefs of the SZRU units. The format of the meeting made it possible to discuss the issues of social protection and the activity of the veteran organization that are relevant to veterans, as well as important tasks facing the Ukrainian Foreign Intelligence at the present stage.

In his congratulation, Chairman of the Service Valeriy Yevdokymov pointed out: “Our professional holiday unites and brings together intelligence officers of all generations. After all, the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine has long and good traditions, important know-hows, experienced personnel. All this was created by the efforts of many generations of Ukrainian intelligence officers. In the current difficult situation, intelligence has to play an important and, sometimes, a key role. And the profession of an intelligence officer must be respected and highly valued in the society. I sincerely respect and value all the positive and rational things that each of you had done in your time to protect the national interests of the state. And for my part, I am currently working hard to achieve a new quality in the work of the Intelligence”.

Participants of the meeting emphasized the need for the SZRU's closer cooperation with the NGO “All-Ukrainian Council of Foreign Intelligence Veterans”. The combination of the departmental capabilities and the potential of the veterans’ voluntary associations allows to realize many activities with the help of the retired intelligence officers, such as the young employees’ oath, meetings and themed conferences, participation in the educational process at the Institute of the SZRU, assisting the study of the history of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, and constant help to the Lyceum- Boarding School “Cadet Corps” under the SZRU’s patronage.

Dmytro Zakharash, the Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Council of Veterans of the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine, spoke on behalf of the veteran organization. He informed about the NGO's work since April 2018 - the date of its creation- and emphasized the problems that the veteran organization is working on.

Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Valeriy Yevdokymov, thanked the invited veterans for their caring about the development of the Ukrainian Intelligence and assisting in fulfilling its tasks, and handed the SZRU's departmental encouraging decorations.

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