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President of Ukraine's Greetings to the Personnel and Veterans of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine

Dear Friends! I congratulate you on your professional holiday - the Day of the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine.

Efficient foreign and domestic policy requires timely detecting and prompt response to possible threats to the national security of Ukraine and neutralizing them at the initial stage.

In these difficult circumstances, the activity of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine is needed and extremely important.

Peace and quiet in Ukraine will depend on coordination of your actions, reliability and comprehensiveness of the information and forecasts.

I hope that the changes taking place in the Service will help improve the efficiency of the work, increase the role of the Intelligence in resolving issues important for our country.

I give credit to patriotism and professionalism of the employees. I am sure that valor and courage, loyalty to the oath and the Ukrainian people will continue to be the main motto of your activity.

Well-being, excellent health and happiness to you and your families.

Glory to Ukraine!

Volodymyr Zelensky

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