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The Chairman of the SZRU Has Greeted Students of the “Cadet Corps” on St. Nicholas' Day

In accordance with a good tradition, on St. Nicholas' Day, Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service Valeriy Yevdokymov visited the Lyceum-Boarding School № 23 with improved military-physical training “Cadet Corps” in Shevchenkivskyi district of Kyiv, which for 9 years already has been under the patronage of the SZRU.

Greeting the students and the teaching staff on the Day of St. Nicholas, the coming New Year and Christmas, Valeriy Yevdokymov wished them excellent health and well-being, faith in goodness and their dreams to come true.

“There is a tradition on St. Nicholas' Day - to do good deeds and to give gifts. The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine is presenting the students under its patronage with a plasma TV, sweets and tickets to the unique Watersland New Year show, which will begin in Kyiv soon. And remember that St. Nicholas lives in each of us. Because we can all do good deeds - feed the hungry, help the poor, or just give a smile. Isn't it a miracle - to help someone's dream come true”.

Director of the “Cadet Corps” Lyceum Natalia Holovikhina expressed her gratitude to the SZRU and the “Foundation for Supporting the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine” for their continued support and care, assistance in resolving organizational and social issues. “Today, all of us here - both teachers and children - feel happy because our patrons and sincere friends are visiting us. I am sure that together we will educate the best young people, the future of our Ukraine”.


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