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The Chairman of the SZRU Has Initiated Ukraine’s Withdrawal from the Agreement on Cooperation of Intelligence Services of the CIS

On the instructions of the President of Ukraine, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine has started the procedure for the withdrawal from the Agreement on the principles and basic directions of cooperation between security agencies and intelligence services of the CIS member states in intelligence activities since 1992.

The participation of the Ukrainian intelligence in this Agreement, along with Russian special services, is absurd in view of the Russian Federation’s armed aggression against Ukraine, which has been taking place for the fifth year now. The Ukrainian intelligence knows for sure that Russian intelligence services back in 2014 sent a powerful resource to prevent Ukraine’s escaping the orbit of the Kremlin’s influence. Increasingly understandable is becoming the fact that the RF’s special services had been conducting a large-scale operation in Ukraine long before the open armed attack on our state in 2014.

Sergei Naryshkin, Director of the RF Foreign Intelligence, in his interview with “Russia 1″ TV Channel, openly declared on December 9, 2018 about the RF special services’ hostility toward Ukraine.

As the Euro-Atlantic community actively supports Ukraine, at whose side is truth and justice, Russian intelligence agencies have spread their intelligence and subversive activities to NATO member states. This is evidenced by the headline spy scandals with the involvement of the RF special services that have recently taken place in some Western countries.

The SZRU, together with its Euro-Atlantic intelligence community partners, will continue to work actively to detect and neutralize the destructive activities of Russian special services.

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