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The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Has Unveiled an Exclusive Publication of Declassified Archival Documents on the Activity of the UPR

Ukraine has joined actually all the Central European countries that have regulated the openness of the Soviet special services' archives at the legislative level.

In compliance with the Law of Ukraine “On Access to the Archives of Repressive Organs of the Communist Totalitarian Regime of 19171991 Years”, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine thoroughly studies and consistently declassifies secret documents, contributing to the revival of historical truth. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Ukrainian People's Republic and the long struggle for Ukraine's sovereignty, the SZRU State Archive prepared an exclusive three-volume Thematic Collection “The UPR's Activity in 1920–1930 in Archival Documents of the Intelligence”.

Almost 350 declassified and digitized originals and copies of the UPR's documents, diplomatic papers, orders, resolutions, declarations, statutes, letters and photographs have been published on the official website of the SZRU in the section “Declassified Archives”, so that all interested could read the never-before-seen pages from the history of the Ukrainian people's liberation struggle of 1920 – 1930.




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