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The Matter of Mykola Krasovskyi's Life

A documentary about the heroic and dramatic life of the intelligence officer of the Ukrainian People's Republic Mykola Krasovskyi has been presented to the general public.

“…Not everyone has a real capability of intelligence work”, because it is also God’s gift – a talent which can be developed and perfected, but in no way it can be instilled into a person who was not born with this talent, it is impossible at least as it is impossible to become an artist, poet or sculptor just because one wants to”, – said Krasovskyi in one of the documents that outlined the peculiarities of service in the intelligence of the young Ukrainian state.

The result of the work of the creative team with the assistance of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine was a full-scale documentary film “The Matter of Mykola Krasovskyi's Life”. The film details the eventful life and activities of this extraordinary personality, the son of a Kyiv clergyman, who began his career as a police assistant and later became one of the best investigators in Kyiv, a relentless and principled crime-fighter.                                                                                                         The film's authors, step by step, traced Krasovskyi's life and career, his life in emigration after the defeat of the national liberation movement of the Ukrainian people of 1917–1921, where he continued intelligence work until he fell into the hands of the NKVD when he went to the Ukrainian territory with another intelligence task.

The film “The Matter of Mykola Krasovskyi's Life” is a thoroughly accomplished research with a professional diving deep into historical material. Especially noteworthy is the fact of using little-known historical documents and cinematographic materials, as well as comments of well known historians and public figures. Apart from presenting historical facts, the authors tried to show the spirit of the era through the life of an individual who was an active participant of political processes of the time.

Speaking to the audience, screen writer and film director Taras Kalyandruk pointed out that with this film they were launching a series of films about the history of Ukrainian special services.

To watch the documentary film "The Matter of Mykola Krasovskyi's Life", go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_M5Oxrezss

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