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The State Archive of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Has Declassified Exclusive Materials on the Activity of the Ukrainian People's Republic

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Ukrainian People's Republic, the State Archive of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine has prepared archival documents on the activity of the UPR in the 1920s-1930s - the time of its formation and continuation of the struggle for Ukraine's sovereignty.

The documents of the Foreign and Counterintelligence Departments of the State Political Directorate of the USSR from 1919-1936 were taken from archival files held in the SZRU State Archive and until recently had been inaccessible to the general public. The exclusive materials contain almost 350 documents that open new pages of the Ukrainian national liberation struggle: originals and copies of the UPR documents, diplomatic papers, orders, resolutions, appeals, statutes, letters, photographs, etc.

In the materials one can find documents on normative legal activity of the Ukrainian People's Republic, diplomatic efforts of the Government of the UPR in the international arena and materials about the leaders of Ukrainian state institutions of that time. They also cover the activities of the emigration Government of the UPR, correspondence between the leadership of the Republic and measures to restore the Cossacks in Ukraine, the status and activities of the Military Organization, new military units, and financial documents. Of particular interest are the materials related to the assassination of Symon Petlyura.

In the matter of restoring   historical truth, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine will continue to make public still unknown documents related to the Ukrainian people's multifaceted struggle for independence.

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