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The SZRU Chairman’s Greetings on the Day of the National Flag of Ukraine and Independence Day of Ukraine

Dear Colleagues- Intelligence Officers, dear our Veterans!

I sincerely congratulate you on the great holidays - Day of the National Flag of Ukraine and Independence Day of Ukraine!

Great events are best understood over time. Therefore, it is natural that in the 29th year of our State's sovereignty, comprehension of the events celebrated on August 23 - the Day of the State Flag of Ukraine and on August 24 - Independence Day of Ukraine is deepening for every Ukrainian. These important dates forever entered the history of our country as its most significant pages, ushered in a new era of our people, symbolically and legally enshrined its age-old aspirations for national revival, spiritual freedom, economic growth and cultural prosperity.

Recent years have been a test for us of patriotism and dedication, professionalism and courage. The intelligence officers' service to the Motherland has acquired a new meaning and importance at this stage of the development of the Ukrainian State.

Today, Ukraine's Foreign Intelligence is facing crucial tasks: detecting and counteracting all potential threats and challenges to Ukrainian interests; supporting the political dialogue on the return of the temporarily occupied territories; protecting economic interests of Ukraine; detecting, preventing and counteracting the enemy's information operations; protecting Ukrainians abroad in the conditions of global upheavals, as well as from terrorist attacks and international crime.

So I am convinced that determination and unwavering faith in victory are the main components of our success in building an independent, strong, prosperous and modern Ukraine.

I wish you new success and fruitful achievements in the field of building our State in the name of ensuring peace and harmony in the society, greatness and prosperity of our Motherland! Remain courageous and steadfast in your devotion to serving the people of Ukraine!

May hearts be filled with pride for our state, desire for unity and understanding, and selfless work be a sure guarantee of a happy future! May the Independence Day bring happiness and well-being, peace and love to your homes!

Glory to Ukraine!


Chairman of the Service                                                      Valerii KONDRATIUK

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