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The SZRU Chairman's Greetings on the Remembrance and Reconciliation Day and the Day of Victory over Nazism in World War II

Dear Colleagues!

Dear Veterans!

On these days, we honor all those killed in World War II, and bow our heads to their blessed memory. We remember the priceless contribution of Ukrainians to the victory over Nazism, their heroism in the army, partisan units, intelligence, armies of the countries- members of  the anti-Hitler coalition, we remember the workers of the rear, who had been working heroically to bring nearer the Victory and then - to raise  the country from the  ruins.

These days we honor the living - those veterans who won the Victory, who are with us today. The role of soldiers and officers who bore the brunt of the war will always be a symbol of valor, heroism, endurance,  courage and bravery.

The memory of the colossal victims of World War II, of the thousands of destroyed towns and villages, warns against  the danger of a recurrence  of that  terrible catastrophe.

75 years later, the people of Ukraine are once again defending the territorial integrity of the state, its sovereignty, showing courage and heroism, as in the years of World War II. We bow our heads to the blessed  memory of the heroes who died defending their homeland from external encroachments today.

It is our sacred duty to all the dead to prevent new tragedies, to build a strong, integral, prosperous, European Ukraine. May the memory of the war, its heroic and tragic pages, promote reconciliation and understanding. Let's be strong, united, committed!

I wish all war veterans, employees of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, their families and friends excellent health for many years to come, peaceful skies, optimism and confidence in the future. Goodness, happiness and well-being to you!

Glory to all the defenders of Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!

Chairman of the  Foreign Intelligence    

Service of Ukraine                                            Valerii YEVDOKYMOV

May 8, 2020

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