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The SZRU Officially Refutes Another Fake

March 15, 2019, referring to the Press-Office of the SZRU, the UNIAN website published information that “both First Deputies Chairman have been authorized to perform the duties of the Chairman of the Service within their supervisory responsibilities until the corresponding decree of the President on the appointment of the Chairman of the SZRU”.

The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine officially states that it did not give the above-mentioned comment to UNIAN, and calls on the agency to remove the message.

In order to prevent possible further misunderstandings, the Service officially informs about the following:

By the Decree of the President of Ukraine dated from March 13, 2019, No. 73/2019, Yehor Bozhok was dismissed from the post of the Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine.

At the moment, the SZRU is working in the regular mode, and the working coordination is provided by the First Deputy Chairman Aleksieienko A.V.

A new Chairman of the SZRU or a person who will perform his duties may be appointed exclusively by a decree of the President of Ukraine.


Press Office of the SZRU

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