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Ukraine Is Launching Interagency Project “Ukraine-NATO Platform on Countering Hybrid Operations”

Ukraine is establishing effective interagency cooperation on early detection, forecasting and coordination to neutralize hybrid threats within the framework of Ukraine-NATO cooperation.

Within the framework of the “Ukraine-NATO Platform on Countering Hybrid Operations” project, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, among other tasks, takes an active part in weekly briefings-reviews and seminars-workshops on public authorities' interaction in detecting and counteracting information-psychological operations. The series of seminars was prepared by the NGO “Center for Defense Reforms” together with the Government Office for Coordination of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

An important aspect of the introduction of the study of the experience of counteracting hybrid threats is Ukraine's sharing with its international partners, especially NATO, its experience in detecting and counteracting hybrid operations since 2014. This means that we are not just receiving the Alliance's and the international community's assistance, but we are also making a significant contribution to the strategic goal of strengthening Euro-Atlantic and world security.

Launching the “Ukraine-NATO Platform on Countering Hybrid Operations”, Acting Head of the Government Office for Coordination of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Oleksii Henchev outlined important aspects of the Platform on Countering Hybrid Operations. Thus, a short-term aspect of this project is improvement of our state institutions' cooperation with NATO. The Government Office sees a strategic goal in establishing and strengthening interagency coordination, exchange of information, experience and professionals on this issue. “Strategic planning, communications and interagency coordination are the three basic elements that will enable Ukraine to realize its Euro-Atlantic and European integration aspirations,” Oleksii Henchev stressed.


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