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”Ukrainian Intelligence. Ancient Times”

”Ukrainian Intelligence. Ancient Times”- a new book by Oleksandr Skrypnyk, a researcher of the history of national special services, - has just been published by ADEF-Ukraine. Based on chronicle sources, academic and popular science works of researchers of the history of Ukraine, the Ukrainian army and national intelligence services, it tells about the origin and formation of intelligence in the ages-old lands of Ukraine in ancient times - from Eastern Slavs and Kyivan Rus to the Cossack Hetmanate state.

The genre of the book is a popular science publication. This corresponds to the form of presenting of the materials, which contain both documentary and semidocumentary components, interspersed with essays, sketches, folk tales and legends, framed by a large amount of illustrative material. In this way, the author seeks to convey to the general public the information about the deep roots of the Ukrainian intelligence in the most accessible form, whereas traditionally it was presented mainly in the language of scientific monographs and articles.

Thus, on the pages of the book, along with the historical chronology, the images of the spies of Kyiv Princes Volodymyr the Great and Yaroslav the Wise, plastuns(scouts) of Hetmans Petro Sahaydachnyi, Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, Ivan Mazepa, Pylyp Orlyk and other Cossack leaders sound live, and some historic events are seen in a new light exactly due to being shown through the prism of using elements of intelligence activity.

Even a cursory reading of the book already gives an idea of ​​which historical events could not do without intelligence. Here are just some of the titles of the essays: “Askold's March on Constantinople”, “Yaroslav the Wise's Secret Diplomacy”, “Close to the Polish King”, “Khmelnytskyi Had His Eyes Everywhere”, “Ivan Mazepa's Backroom Strategies”.

This new publication together with the book “Ukrainian Intelligence. 100 Years of Struggle, Confrontation and Achievements ”, which was published last year and was written in the same style, have formed a two-volume book, which presents the history of Ukrainian intelligence from ancient times to the present.

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