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The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Has a Renewed Leadership

By the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 553/2019 of July 24, Kateryna Slyadnyeva was  appointed the Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine. Valeriy Yevdokymov came to the post of the Deputy Chairman of the SZRU some time earlier (July 9). The new appointments in the leadership of the Foreign Intelligence go in line with the general course of appointing new heads of ministries and departments of the state, involving in governing experienced and with spotless reputation professionals in different spheres of activity.

Kateryna Slyadnyeva, a professional lawyer, had worked in prosecution agencies, for the last one and a half years she was responsible at the SZRU for the legal support of the Service.

It is with her name that further improvement of confidence in the Foreign Intelligence and democratic civilian control over its activities is associated. Kateryna Slyadneva's functional duties will include ties with the authorities, legal and financial support of the SZRU's activity, and social protection of intelligence officers.

By the way, Slyadnyeva was the head of the working group that elaborated the draft of the new Law of Ukraine “On Intelligence”, which had to eliminate the shortcomings of the existing normative legal acts, to clearly differentiate the powers and responsibilities of the intelligence agencies of the state, to create a legislative basis for practical interaction with partner services of NATO countries and the EU. The new version of the draft Law was brought in line with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On National Security of Ukraine”, in particular, were taken into consideration the new mechanisms of democratic civil control introduced by the Law, and were included provisions to ensure a balance between the transparency of parliamentary oversight and the need to ensure the protection of sensitive information on intelligence activities. Also, additional social guarantees were introduced for intelligence officers due to the specifics of their activities.

According to representatives of foreign partner intelligence agencies, the new draft Law “On Intelligence” is brought to the criteria of the NATO member states, and this will facilitate the support to the intelligence agencies of Ukraine in the conditions of European integration processes in our country.

Major-General Valeriy Yevdokymov was transferred to the SZRU from the Administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. He graduated from the Border Guard Institute of Ukraine, the National Academy of the Security Service of Ukraine and Kyiv-Mohyla Business School. Being a professional analyst, for many years engaged in informational support of the State Border Guard Service, he has experience in operational and investigative activities. A participant in military operations, took part in defending the territorial integrity and state sovereignty in the East of Ukraine. Was awarded the Order of Danylo Halytskyi and the President of Ukraine's decoration “For Participation in the Anti-Terrorist Operation”.

The task set by the President of Ukraine to Deputy Chairmen of the SZRU, Kateryna Slyadnyeva and Valeriy Yevdokymov, and Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Vladyslav Bukhariev, is to combine the available resources and, in the shortest possible time, to improve the efficiency of the SZRU operational units to protect national interests. The main issue is to give the country's leadership precise understanding of the enemy and its capabilities, to point out the risks and threats so that the right strategic decisions can be made.

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