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A French Officer Detained on Suspicion of Spying for Russia

A French lieutenant-colonel stationed with NATO in Italy, has been detained on suspicion of spying for Russia. French Defense Minister Florence Parly has confirmed that the officer is under investigation.

A French lieutenant-colonel serving in a NATO base in Italy has been detained on suspicion of spying for Russia. This was reported by French media on Sunday, August 30.

Later, French Defense Minister Florence Parly partially confirmed this information. According to her, a senior French officer is under investigation for a suspected “breach of security”, but she did not provide other details.

AFP sources, meanwhile, say the officer has been charged with “intelligence with a foreign power that undermines the fundamental interests of France”.

According to Radio Europe 1, the lieutenant-colonel speaks Russian, and in Italy he was seen with a man who was identified as an agent of the Russian GRU intelligence service. The officer is suspected of espionage for Russia, according to Europe 1.

French intelligence agencies arrested the officer on August 21, when he was planning to return from France to Italy. He is currently in prison in Paris.


Pictured: Defense Minister of France Florence Parly

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