The G7 Summit’s Key Result for Us Is More Air Defense Systems for Our Cities – Address by the President

There are also two security agreements. The historic result with the United States is a bilateral security agreement that brings our relations to the level of a true alliance. This is the strongest agreement with America in all 33 years of our independence. There is a legally binding component of the agreement, and there are highly useful details on air defense and aircraft. We have secured America's assistance in the supply of fighter squadrons – as many fighters as Ukraine needs. We will work on this.Today, we also signed a very promising security accord with Japan, the first such agreement with a non-NATO country, a country from the Asia Pacific region.

It Is Our Leadership and the Will of Ukrainians that Must Work for Peace, Europe and Life – the President at his Speech in the Bundestag

We will end this war. We will end it in the best interests of Ukraine and all of Europe. All of us. And all those who will come after us. We will end it on our own terms. The terms that are clear to any person, any ordinary person on this Earth.

Ukraine Needs at Least 7 Patriot Systems to Secure Our Main Urban Agglomerations in the Near Future – President during URC2024

Olaf Scholz announced the transfer of the third Patriot system and IRIS-T systems to Ukraine. The President and the Federal Chancellor agreed on this assistance in April. "The most urgent need of the Ukrainian army now is ammunition, weapons, especially air defense. Therefore, over the next weeks and months, we will provide Ukraine with the third Patriot system, IRIS-T and Gepard systems, missiles and ammunition,” he said.