President of Ukraine’s Greetings to the Officers, Employees and Veterans of the Foreign Intelligence

The implementation of an effective policy requires the timely detection and neutralization of threats to Ukraine's national security, and a prompt response to the challenges facing the state. Your proactive information also enables Ukraine to keep track of global trends in the world economy, the evolution and dynamics of the intentions of key geopolitical players in order to build the most effective models of relations with them.

Foreign Intelligence Plays an Important Role in Countering Threats - the President of Ukraine

«Ukrainian Intelligence has always played an important role in countering external threats. It is time not only to effectively restrain, but also to start offensive actions to defend the national interests of Ukraine. Today, our state is countering extremely dangerous threats, including threats to sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity. In this crucial period, effective intelligence plays an extremely important role. We have learnt to deter and counter external aggressions quite effectively. I am sure that the time has come to move forward to defend our national interests. You have the experience and ability to implement such a strategy. Each intelligence officer’s intelligence, ability to generate not stereotyped solutions to acute problems, courage and dedication must continue to be effective tools for working for the benefit of our state», the President said.

The Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine's Greetings on the Day of the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine

We are celebrating the next anniversary of our holiday with new challenges. But we are not just serving our Motherland. For us, defending Ukraine's sovereignty is not only freedom, democracy, justice, but also our successes and struggle, our values. In them is our unity and strength. I sincerely believe that we will continue to be a real team, ready to fulfill the most important tasks set by the Ukrainian people for the sake of a strong, happy and prosperous Ukraine.

United. Free. Integral Ukraine

Independence and unity are the key to Ukrainian statehood. On January 22, Ukrainians celebrate two historic events: the proclamation of independence of the Ukrainian People's Republic in 1918 and the Act of Unification of Ukrainian Lands of 1919. The text of the Act of Unification read: “The parts of Ukraine, divided over the centuries, Western Ukraine (Galicia, Bukovyna, Carpathian Ukraine) and Dnieper Great Ukraine now become a united Ukraine. Centuries-long dreams, for which the best sons of Ukraine fought and died, have come true. From now on there is a single independent Ukrainian People’s Republic”.


On Appointment of O. Tarasovskyi a Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

May the coming year give inexhaustible faith and confidence, and life be filled with earthly bounties and adorned with achievements for the benefit of Ukraine. May the year 2022 bring lots of love and kindness, achievements and good deeds, mutual understanding and respect, and may the Christmas star light the fire of hope and love in everyone’s heart. Boundless joy and grace, prosperity and greatness of soul, faith and inspiration to do good, excellent health and endless happiness to you! Happy Holidays! And glory to Ukraine! Sincerely, Oleksandr Lytvynenko

Bringing the Wagner PMC In Will Not Resolve Mali’s Problems - Chatham House

Africa is back on Russia's agenda. This is part of the Kremlin's renewed efforts to form alliances after its long post-Soviet absence. Russia does not concern itself with frivolities like democracy and human rights. This is convenient for the putschist-led Malian regime, facing condemnation and the threat of international isolation on all sides. If you are a junta desperate to hold on to power, it is helpful to have a permanent member of the UN Security Council that does not preach about democracy.

Russia Is Losing Its Dominant Position on the Caspian - The Jamestown Foundation

Russians are increasingly concerned that Moscow’s dominance of the Caspian Sea is being called into question. The possibility that outside powers could insert their navies there can dramatically change the already gradually shifting balance in the region. It also makes a new war more likely, with its outcomes less easy to predict. The 2018 convention, which divides the Caspian among the five littoral states and rejects the presence of any foreign-flagged naval vessels in the basin, has still not gone into effect.

The Chairman of the SZRU Met with the Head of the EUAM Ukraine

Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Oleksandr Lytvynenko held a working meeting with Head of Mission for the European Union Advisory Mission for Civilian Security Sector Reform in Ukraine (EUAM Ukraine) Antti Hartikainen.

Russia Is Expanding Its Influence in the Central African Republic

Russia has become a preferred ally of the Central African Republic in the latter's struggle against the rebels. But the government's use of Russian mercenaries during the offensive is causing internal divisions and alienating other external partners. Of particular concern are human rights violations and misinformation.