There will be more Ukrainian actions against the terrorist state — address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

We clearly see the areas where pressure on Russia needs to be increased so that terrorist capabilities do not grow. Sanctions are not enough. There will be more. There will be more of our own, Ukrainian actions against the terrorist state. As long as Russia's aggression continues, Russia's losses must be tangible.

The best thing for us is to be capable of producing advanced weapons to guarantee Ukraine's security, and we will do so - address by the President

We see a very clear interest of the world in working with us to build a new defense force not only for Ukraine, but also for our partners. For our world as a whole - a rules-based world that will not tolerate the aggression and terror that Russia is trying to make the norm.

It was a very productive week, we have a lot of good defense and other decisions – address by the President of Ukraine

There is a historic decision by the United States to jointly produce weapons and defense systems. In particular, air defense. This is something that was an absolute fantasy until recently. But it will become a reality.

We will work together for Ukraine to produce the necessary weapons together with America - address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

This is a new level of our unity! Co-production in the defense industry with the United States is a historic thing. A new industrial base, new jobs for both our nations. In particular, Ukraine will be able to produce air defense systems. We are preparing to create a new defense ecosystem together with the United States to produce weapons to further reinforce freedom and the protection of life together.

The use of veto power requires reform, and this can be a key reform in the UN – address by the President of Ukraine at the UN Security Council meeting

Most of the world recognizes the truth about this war. It is a criminal and unprovoked aggression by russia against our nation, aimed at seizing Ukraine's territory and resources. But it is not just that. With its aggression, the terrorist state is willing to undermine all the dams of international norms meant to protect the world from wars.

Nowadays humanity must act in full solidarity to save lives - President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's speech during the General Debate of the UN General Assembly

While Russia is pushing the world to the final war, Ukraine is doing everything to ensure that after Russian aggression no one in the world will dare to attack any nation. Weaponization must be restrained. War crimes must be punished. Deported people must come back home. And the occupier must return to their own land.

We we must reach a point when all children in our country have their own family, their own home - address by the President of Ukraine

This is probably one of the most honorable missions in life - to help a child avoid an orphan's fate. I thank everyone who helps children in this way, everyone who spreads the warmth of their families so that there are fewer lonely destinies in this world!

Our task is to provide Ukraine with all the opportunities to produce weapons and ammunition to have reliable protection against aggression – address of the President

This fully reflects Ukraine's strength and potential – our ability to defend ourselves and help other countries preserve freedom and international order. The world must be stronger than any threat to life from aggressors or terrorists.

Europe always wins when treaties work and promises are kept – address of President of Ukraine

The responsibility must be clear, concrete, completely fair – just like the warrant for Putin's arrest issued by the International Criminal Court. What the Russian dictator was really afraid of. And now, he tries not to leave Russia, because the force of law exists, and it is strong. And the world has every opportunity for the law to overcome the aggression of the bandit force.

We need a powerful system of the warriors' rights protection in the defense sector itself - address by the President of Ukraine

Our country celebrated the Day of Tank Forces today for the first time. Previously, there was a Soviet date for the professional day of tank forces. And now there is not just a motive to give a Ukrainian meaning to all such days, not just the desire of our people, but also the specific result of the Ukrainian warriors that should be honored at the level of the entire state.