I am grateful to everyone who reminds that Russian aggression can end much faster if the world is faster - address by the President of Ukraine

The destroyed Ukrainian cities and villages along the border of the terrorist state, Russia's constant blackmail and threats to destroy lives in other countries as well, the constant refusal to return to real peace and the mockery of basic international norms are all sufficient reasons to put pressure and fight.

I held an away meeting of the Staff - in Dnipro, a strategic city in the center of Ukraine - address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

At the Staff’s meeting, we discussed the overall situation in the frontline areas, the reinforcement and protection of our borders along the entire length of the front - from the Kherson region to the Kharkiv region.

You can't be mentally far from the war, support our warriors whenever possible - address by the President of Ukraine

It is wrong, it is unfair, when our warriors who come from the front have the feeling that for many in the rear, the war is allegedly already over.

It is the full-scale defeat of Russia that will be a reliable guarantee against new aggressions and crises – address of the President of Ukraine

Another week of defense is almost over, another week when Ukraine has become stronger. And when the enemy became even more isolated, even more hopeless. This week we have a decision on new defense support packages from the United States, Lithuania, Finland, and Germany.

The enemy must know: Ukraine won't forgive offenses against our people, won't forgive these deaths and injuries – address of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

All Russian terrorists will be defeated. Thanks to everyone who brings the Ukrainian victory closer! Glory to everyone who is fighting for Ukraine!

In the free territory of the Kherson region, more than 50 villages were almost completely destroyed by the occupier, but people are returning even to such villages - address by the President of Ukraine

Today I was in one of the largest such villages - Posad-Pokrovske. Once one of the largest, before the invasion of Russia. And we will do everything to make this village one of the largest again - we will do everything to rebuild our territories. I am grateful to everyone who helps restore the normality of life after the Russian evil.

We will do everything to ensure that the blue and yellow colors continue their liberation movement - address by the President of Ukraine

the terrorist state cannot be stopped by anything other than one thing - our victory. And we will ensure it - the Ukrainian victory. In all areas of the east of our country, where there is a Ukrainian flag, there is also hope.

Today, Ukraine began to mark the first anniversary of the first victorious battles of the full-scale war that made the occupier flee - address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Our confidence in Ukraine's victory, our vision of a free future for our country, Ukrainian heroism that has amazed the world - all of this was born there... In the cities of heroes whose character did not submit to the occupier for a second, even when the occupier came to their homes.

Today we have several important defense decisions what is necessary to support our warriors – address by the President of Ukraine

Our European partners have agreed on a joint plan to accelerate the supply of shells for our artillery. This is a strategic step. It gives us confidence in our unity, in the immutability of the movement towards victory over the terrorist state.

Expelling the occupier, clearing our land of traces of the evil state, punishing terrorists are our tasks that we will fulfill - address by the President of Ukraine

The evil state will be held accountable for every act of terror against Ukrainians. This week has finally brought a truly significant international legal result for Ukraine, for justice.