“Motherland or Territory… Each Chooses the Path Himself"


On November 21, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Dignity and Freedom.

Ukrainians came to the Maidan to defend their right to a decent future. We learned to tell the whole world about ourselves: “I am Ukrainian and I am free”, “this is my struggle”, “nobody but us”, “there are many of us and we cannot be overcome”, “we are can defend ourselves”.

It's a feeling of joined hands, simultaneous smiles, a sense of the priceless importance of what is happening. It is the belief in one's own strength, the confidence to be able to unite and win, the inspiration to stand up for one's freedom of choice. It is the desire to feel the unity of the nation, one united whole: all together - we are the Ukrainian people, and we are the Ukrainian state!

In the difficult months of the Orange Revolution of 2004 and the Revolution of Dignity of 2013, the Ukrainian nation was reborn and became stronger than ever. Ukrainians have gone from peaceful protests to national liberation struggles to fight for freedom, even at the price of losing the most precious thing - human lives.

Glory to Ukrainian Heroes! Glory to Ukraine!