35 Years Since the Chornobyl Tragedy: We Pay Tribute to the Heroism and Selflessness of the Liquidators of the Accident


April 26 is forever a sad date not only for Ukraine. On this day in 1986, the greatest catastrophe in the history of nuclear energy occurred - the Chernobyl accident.

Numerous human casualties. Loss of health of hundreds of thousands of people. Ruined lives and families. Millions of hectares of radiation-polluted lands, forests, reservoirs… Unfortunately, humanity does not know the whole truth about Chernobyl. The Soviet system did its best to hide the real reasons  and consequences of the terrible catastrophe. But with the explosion of the atom, the whole former system of values ​​exploded.

Today, in the exclusion zone, closed to people,  there is  the largest nature reserve in Ukraine, so life goes on. And the Chernobyl tragedy became a lesson for civilization and a warning about the responsibility for the life of mankind and the planet as a whole.

We pay tribute to the heroism and selflessness of the liquidators of the accident, who saved the lives of millions by curbing the deadly disaster. We cherish the memory of the dead.