Nord Stream 2: Another Violation of Environmental Standards


The Russian supply vessels involved in the construction of Nord Stream 2 once again ignored the environmental restrictions during the completion of the B branch pipeline. The support vessel “Yuri Topchev” on March 2 and 10 this year, during the transportation of the next consignments of pipes from the port of Mukran, did not follow the previously established route around the protected areas in the FEZ of Germany and violated the wintering zone of birds. Relevant facts of the breach by vessels (Finval, Umka, Vladislav Strizhov, Yuriy Topchev) involved in the Nord Stream 2 project are not uncommon and show signs of systemic nature.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is being laid in the area where World War II lethal chemical agents were repeatedly detected. Despite the containers' having been buried in a localized area near Bronholm Island, over the past half century, sea currents have scattered them over a large area, mostly south of the island. Now the Fortuna pipelayer every day risks damaging one of the containers with its anchors.