The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Is Publishing Eugene Lachowitch’s Historical-Journalistic Work “The Ukrainian Issue» from Archives of the Intelligence


To the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine is publishing a story about the political and public figure Eugene Lachowitch and the text of his historical - journalistic work “The Ukrainian Issue».

This work on 46 typewritten sheets was written by Eugene Lachowitch in English and published in 100 copies at the time when he was in Great Britain in 1933-1935 as an official representative and member of the OUN leadership, with the task of gaining the British government’s support for the Ukrainian liberation movement.

Through this work, numerous articles in the British press, as well as communication with representatives of the British Foreign Office and the public, he tried to draw attention to Ukraine, its history, culture, reasons for the defeat of the national liberation movement, the plight of the Ukrainian population within different state formations, especially in the USSR under the Stalinist regime and artificial famine.

In the preface, the author points out that he analyzed the Ukrainian issue only in inseparable unity with the creation of an independent Ukrainian state in Eastern Europe and dwelt on how that should be implemented.

The moment this work reached the Soviet secret services, it was immediately translated into Russian and assessed as anti-Soviet. One copy was then left in Lubyanka in Moscow and handed over to Senior Lieutenant of State Security Pavel Sudoplatov for use in the operational cultivation of Eugene Lachowitch, the other was sent to the GPU of the Ukrainian SSR.

Despite the fragmentary and somewhat subjective presentation of certain events from Ukrainian history, their emotional interpretation by the author and some inaccuracies, “The Ukrainian Issue» by Eugene Lachowitch is a vivid example of political journalism of the first half of the 20th century, a source for further study by scholars and historians, and for understanding Ukrainian -Russian relations in different periods of history.