To add more protection, we are providing greater capabilities to our mobile firing groups – address by the President of Ukraine


I wish you health, fellow Ukrainians!

Today, I held the first meeting of the Staff with the participation of the new military commanders. Commander-in-Chief Oleksandr Syrskyi, Chief of the General Staff Anatoliy Barhylevych, along with the commanders of the sectors. They reported on the situation at the front. Kupyansk direction, Lyman, Bakhmut. Of course, Avdiivka. Maryinka direction, Zaporizhzhia direction. A separate report concerned our actions in the south, particularly in Kherson region.

There was a detailed report on the protection of critical infrastructure – energy, heating and water supply facilities. Everything that is a constant target for Russian missiles and drones. To add more protection, we are providing greater force and capabilities to our mobile firing groups. We will increase the number of such groups. They are one of the pillars of our defense against Russian terror, and I am grateful to all those who serve in the mobile firing groups, train them and provide assistance.

As always, one of today's reports at the Staff meeting focused on the provision of all our units: ammunition, drones, electronic warfare. Everyone in Ukraine who can produce effective electronic warfare systems deserves full state support at all levels: at the central level – from the government – and in every region with such potential. I am grateful to all representatives of local authorities and to every Ukrainian entrepreneur, to all Ukrainian developers of electronic warfare systems.

Today I spoke with President Ramaphosa, the head of the Republic of South Africa. First of all, we discussed our global efforts to restore a real, just peace in Ukraine. The kind of peace that every nation deserves and for the sake of which Ukraine has proposed the Peace Formula. Ten points encompassing all aspects of Russian aggression against our country. I thanked President Ramaphosa for the participation of the representative of the Republic of South Africa in the meetings of the advisors on the Peace Formula. I told him about our agreement and joint work with Switzerland on the organization of the Global Peace Summit. And we agreed to further maintain a sufficient level of engagement to bring a just peace closer and make global efforts productive. Africa must be represented in all global processes.

And one more thing.

Today I held a lengthy meeting on our international activities in February. In particular, we are preparing for the Munich Security Conference, an important platform not only for Europe, but also for the world. Ukraine will present its vision of this year. A decisive year in many ways – the vision of prospects that all of us, all free nations, have, and which should not be lost. Cooperation matters. And I am grateful to everyone in the world who realizes this, to everyone who helps, to every leader, every state that seeks a fair peace as much as Ukrainians do.

Glory to all those who have defended and keep defending Ukraine! Glory to everyone who is fighting for our country and people!

Glory to Ukraine!