Deciphered Wedding

The secret, which for 70 years was hidden behind a continuous set of numbers in the Wedding Act of the supra-district leader of the OUN “Sulyma” and the nurse “Kalyna”, has been solved. Cryptoanalysts of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine managed to do this. As a result, the incredible dramatic fate of the rebel couple from Prykarpattya was continued.

The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Has Deciphered a Unique Document of the Period of the Ukrainian Liberation Movement

In Lviv, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine transferred to the National Museum-Memorial to the Victims of Occupation Regimes “The Prison on Łącki Street” a deciphered text of a unique document of the Ukrainian liberation movement – the Wedding Act of insurgents from Prykarpattia. The secret, which for 70 years was hidden behind a continuous set of numbers, has been solved.

Illegal Agent Fedir Hilko: 17 Years Under Cover Abroad


Intelligence in the Context of Christianization of Kyivan Rus

There are some crucial events in the history of Ukraine that scientists, researchers, journalists and writers turn to again and again. Among them is Christianization of the ancient Kyivan Rus. It is celebrated on July 28 on the day of remembrance of Saint Volodymyr, Prince of Kyiv.

July 24, 1893 – Ivan Vyslotskyi – Mykhaylo Hrushevskyi's Bodyguard and an Intelligence Officer of the Ukrainian Galician Army – Was Born

The news of the February Revolution of 1917 found Ivan Vyslotskyi in Russian captivity. He had already had enough of fighting at the fronts of the First World War and suffering from being convoyed in cold cargo cars.

July 15, 1897 - Volodymyr Shevchenko - the Future Head of the First (Intelligence) Sector of the General Staff of the Military Ministry of the State Center of the UNR- Was Born

July 15, 1897, in the village of Pisochyn of Pisochyn volost, Kharkiv district, Shevchenko Volodymyr Yakovych, the future head of the First (Intelligence) Sector of the Second Section (intelligence and counterintelligence) of the General Staff of the Military Ministry of the State Center of the UNR in exile (from July, 1934 to January, 1936), was born.

Operation “STAVKA”

The assassination of the OUN leader Yevhen Konovalets by Soviet special services in 1938 was a textbook example of totalitarian regimes' sparing no methods to get rid of their political opponents. Looking back at that old story, at the yellowed documents from the archives of the DPU-NKVD-KGB of the USSR, makes one learn important lessons from past events and stay alert in the conditions of the current aggression against Ukraine.

SZRU Is Expanding Its Interaction with NATO Member States' Intelligence Community

During the North Atlantic Council delegation's visit to Ukraine, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi suggested considering Ukraine's joining the NATO Enhanced Opportunity Program (EOP). This program first of all provides for expansion of practical operational interaction. It brings together NATO's closest partners, currently not members of the Alliance, but willing to be engaged in joint operations and exercises to achieve common interests in countering global threats.

Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine: From Bohdan Khmelnytskyi's Scouts to Euro-Atlantic Integration

Today, the Ukrainian Foreign Intelligence is celebrating its 101st anniversary and not without reason it is claiming a prominent position among related intelligence services of the world. Having studied numerous materials of the State Archive of the Foreign Intelligence Service and historical documents of the past, today we may surely speak about strong historical roots and genealogy of the Foreign Intelligence, some extraordinary personalities, own “style” and national heroes of the “invisible front”.

A Presentation of the Documentary аbout a Ukrainian Intelligence Officer

A presentation of a 40-minute documentary about the heroic and dramatic life of the intelligence officer of the Ukrainian People's Republic Mykola Krasovskyi took place in the Lviv Palace of Arts.