How the Pro-Kremlin Media Try to Legitimize the Illegal Occupation of Crimea, and Other Russian Disinformation Campaigns

“Among the many different examples of factually wrong claims that have come out of the Kremlin and media outlets loyal to its line since 2014, the case of Crimea’s annexation stands out as perhaps the most blatant and geopolitically most critical”. Now, on the seventh anniversary of the occupation of the Ukrainian Peninsula, this opinion of the European portal EUvsDISINFO is more relevant than ever.

The Whole World Is the Target of Russia's Psychological Warfare - Estonian Intelligence

Russia sees psychological warfare as part of a comprehensive informational confrontation with the enemy – mainly Western countries. This was reported by the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service in the traditional annual report “International Security and Estonia”.

How Russia Tried to Discredit Ukrainian Aircraft Builders

The publication of the White Paper of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine provides an opportunity to see in a new light some stories from the recent past and to find confirmation that threats from Russia are manifested in all spheres. We mean the lost by the Russian Federation contract for the repair of helicopters for the Republic of Afghanistan and, as a result, the Kremlin propagandists' unsuccessful attempts to discredit Ukrainian aircraft builders.

Disinformation in the Western Balkans

We wish to bring to your notice the analytical article by Daniel Sunter published on the internet resource NATO Review on the 21st of December 2020.

Russia Does Not Stop Trying to Clip the Wings of the Ukrainian An-178

The contract concluded more than a year ago by the State Enterprise “SpetsTechnoExport” for the production of the An-178 transport aircraft for the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Peru, has been repeatedly attacked by the Russian side. At this, the Russians, without any reasoning, again and again used their favorite method of conducting information operations – “fakes”. Here's how it happened.