“The White Paper” of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine


For its professional holiday, which is celebrated on January 24, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine is publishing an information bulletin “White Paper”.

This is the first “White Paper” in the history of the Ukrainian Foreign Intelligence. The uniqueness of the publication is that it opens (as much as the current legislation allows) the curtain of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine and allows to look behind the scenes of this special and secret sphere of activity.

What is the current structure of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine? What are its main tasks and activities? How is the reform conducted under the adopted Law of Ukraine “On Intelligence”? What is the size of the Service and the recruitment system? What is a budgetary allocation for the Foreign Intelligence and how is it used? What results of work can be revealed, at least in general terms? What is the Service's role and involvement in countering Russian aggression in the East of Ukraine and in international operations? The answers to these and other questions can be found on the pages of the publication.

The White Paper of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine will be another evidence of the implementation in our country of the best traditions/principles of the intelligence agencies of European countries in terms of openness, transparency and democratic civilian control over the security and defense sector of Ukraine.

The highlight of the publication will be the Service's estimates of the main external threats to Ukraine's national security in foreign policy, economic, information and other spheres, in particular in the field of cybersecurity, their trends and dynamics of development. At this, special attention is paid to the country-the main source of threats – the Russian Federation. The Kremlin's plans, strategy and tactics of destructive policy towards Ukraine to undermine Ukrainian statehood both internally and through the external environment and other intentions can be found in a separate section.

Besides, the publication estimates the extent to which regional and global trends will help or hinder the successful development of Ukraine as a European democracy. Prospects for the preservation of the “pro-Ukrainian” coalition are also analyzed, in particular, taking into account the potential of international cooperation of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine and the value of this additional, but equally important channel of communication.

The White Paper reveals the priorities set by the President of Ukraine for the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine and his expectations of specific actions of the Service in counteracting external threats, and allows to see the Service's leadership's vision of the development of strategic intelligence of Ukraine.

The information collected in the publication, will be of interest to specialists in the sphere of national security and defense, as well as to partners, journalists and the general public.

In the future, the information bulletin will be issued in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On National Security of Ukraine” every three years.