The SZRU's Publication of the Declassified Documents Is Dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of Independence of Ukraine


On the occasion of the celebration at the state level of the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine begins publishing archival documents that are of historical value and contain information about events and persons related to state formation in different periods of Ukrainian history.

The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine has already declassified and published a number of materials on the activities of the Ukrainian People's Republic, the government of the UPR and its special services in exile, the Hetmanate and the Hetman movement of the last century, the Ukrainian emigration of 1920-1930, the life and work of Ukrainian figures of that time — Symon Petliura, Volodymyr Vynnychenko, Yurko Tyutyunnyk, Stepan Bandera and others. In 2021, the SZRU website has already published documents and materials about active participants in the Ukrainian people's national liberation struggle for independence Semen Mohyla, Fedir Borzhynskyi, Oleksandr Udovychenko, Yakiv Halchevskyi, Andriy Livytskyi.

Today, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine publishes a story about Denys Kvitkovskyi, the Head of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (1977-1979). He entered the national history as a leader who directed all his experience as a lawyer, publicist, publisher, historian, public and political figure to unite Ukrainians of the world around the idea of ​​reviving the statehood of Ukraine. His active work in exile was closely monitored by the KGB - there are documents in the Branch State Archives of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine that confirm this. Declassified documents make it possible to better understand and get to know this extraordinary personality.

For the next few months, our website will publish  unique original documents from the Intelligence's archives (photos, memoirs, letters, testimonies of direct participants in the events, reports, etc.) about important events in Ukrainian history and prominent figures who contributed to the processes of state formation, the struggle for freedom and independence of Ukraine.