January 10, 2023 Ukraine and the World – Against russia’s Aggression. Sanctions in Action


Sweden's Permanent Representative to the European Union Lars Danielsson has confirmed that the Ukraine-EU summit will be held on February 3 in Kyiv.

The EU and G7 will discuss the tenth package of sanctions against russia.

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has said that the United States has a confirmed and credible plan to fund the security, economic, humanitarian, and energy assistance Ukraine needs for almost the entirety of 2023, and differences between political forces will not affect this.

According to US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Iran's sale of combat drones to russia for use against Ukraine means that Tehran can “contribute to large-scale war crimes”.

US President Joe Biden’s administration has intensified the collection of information on the activities of the private military company “wagner” in Serbia, belarus and Africa. Senior U.S. officials believe that russia is using the wagner PMC to fight anti-putin moods and protect private economic interests.

The American company L3Harris Technologies has announced a contract with the US Department of Defense for $ 40 million to supply 14 VAMPIRE missile systems (“drone killers”) to Ukraine.

The United Kingdom is considering supplying Ukraine with Challenger 2 tanks for the first time to fight russian troops.

The United Kingdom has already transferred more than 200 armored vehicles of various types to Ukraine during the entire period of the full-scale war.

Prime Minister of Sweden Ulf Kristersson has promised that Ukraine will receive Archer self-propelled artillery systems.

The European Court of Human Rights issued a judgment in a major case “Ukraine and the Netherlands v. russia”. On January 25, 2023, the ECtHR will publicly announce a decision in the so-called Donbas case, the first case involving the seizure of eastern Ukraine in 2014.

russian citizen viktor bezeka, who works for the pro-kremlin media rt and sputnik, is included in the list of undesirable foreigners in the territory of the republic of poland.

Hungary will allocate $3.5 million for the export of grain from Ukraine to Africa.

Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Petr Fiala personally “signed” the T-72 tank, which is sent to the Ukrainian military.

As part of the “grain initiative”, from August 1 to January 9, Ukraine managed to export 17 million tons of agricultural products for Africa, Asia and Europe.

Lithuanian Minister of Culture Simonas Kairis offered to “take a break” from the creations of russian culture during the war.

Kherson has received seven electric generators from Germany to provide electricity to critical infrastructure facilities.

Finland has donated 10 armored containers for demining specialists to Ukraine.

“... The European Union condemns the decision of the Serbian authorities to award putin with the Order of the Republika Srpska. putin is the one who is directly responsible for the illegal aggression against Ukraine”, said EU Lead Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Peter Stano. He added that “there is no place in the EU for decorating and awarding politicians who are ordering the destruction of a neighbouring country and killing of its people”.


The ministry of finance of the russian federation has reported that in December the average price of russian oil urals amounted to $50.4 per barrel, despite the fact that the country's budget for 2023 was formed at the rate of $70.1 per barrel. If, due to international sanctions, oil production is 10 million barrels per day, and its cost does not exceed $50, russian oil and gas revenues will decrease by 25% or by 2.1 trillion rubles.

At the moscow stock exchange in the first four days of 2023, the total trading volume of major currencies (dollar, euro, yuan and others) amounted to only 122 billion rubles, which is almost three times lower than the daily trading volume of the last week of last year.

As of January 1, 2023, in russia, 22.5 thousand kilometers, or 17.8% of the total length of the main railways, have an overdue repair period; in poor condition are 12.6 thousand (or 15.3%) of artificial structures – 17.7% of bridges and 28.4% of tunnels included.

The analysis of non-secret volumes of public procurement in russia in 2022 indicates a general negative trend with state orders: the number of suppliers who entered into state contracts decreased by 35%, and purchases that did not take place increased by 9% (from 325 thousand to 355 thousand).

The cost of travel for cars on the section of the toll highway M-11 moscow - st. Petersburg has increased by 50-100 rubles.

Ford has officially withdrawn from the joint venture with the russian automotive group “sollers” and completed all partnerships.

In 2022, russians went to cinemas almost two times less due to the reduction in foreign distribution in the rf.

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Lithuania Arnoldas Abramavičius has reported repeated cases of refusal of entry to the country to citizens of belarus because of their answers to questions of the questionnaire that is proposed to be filled out at the border. Earlier, Lithuania introduced a survey at the border for belarusians and russians who are coming. They have to answer a number of questions – the purpose of the trip to Lithuania, the attitude to the war in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea.